can't open a file

I have been working on an animation when for some reason blender stuck. I closed the file and tried to reopen it, but it is stuck again when I press “open”.
here’s the file:
What’s the problem?

Put the DVD back in?

There’s really nothing else - one hidden from view plane and proxy empties. Obviously this does not work here.

What DVD?
The characters are of course linked from other files, but I have all the source file in the same folder. Are you able to open the file? because I am not

I tried to open it in another computer. didn’t work either.

I got never ending error list

I can Append from file and all there is is 4 Empties, one Plane and 2 actions.
I thought you might have had missing files on CD.

I didn’t use CD. the empties must be the linked groups, the plane is the floor and the action is the animation of the two characters.
I just finished blocking and wanted to show it to my friends. I clicked save so muck times I don’t belive I lost the file.

Ha! if you say you can appand things from the file its okay. beacause I can appand everything from it to create a new file. I’ve tried it and it worked. Thanks for the idea.