can't open blender in ibook g4

i’ve downloaded 3 versions,python 2.3,10.3, …2.4 10.3 and 2.3, 10.4 just in case but none of them work, blender is only around 10 megabytes?

whats wrong? anxious to try this.

my ibook g4 has 933 mhz power pc g4

ati 1002 and 32 mb vram

ive downloaded a demo cinema4d which opens but want this free version of blender to try out.

I don’t have a mac but I remember reading that the older systems could not run Blender maximized. Also, try running it at 16bit color.

What does it say in your console log in /Applications/Utilities/console? If you have anything less than 10.3.9 (check the apple menu and click About This Mac), you need to upgrade to that before Blender will run.

console says “can’t open library”

“doesn’t map to a codespace range” (?)

tried the new blender 2.43, out today for my laptop but wont open it either.

doee’nt work for 10.3.9 or state this particular number for some reason on site.


So you’re running the powerpc version of Blender on system 10.4+? and you only get the two lines:

can’t open library
doesn’t map to a codespace range

exactly at the bottom of the console log and those lines appear every time you launch Blender?

Try the following steps:

open the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/terminal)
right-click the Blender icon and select show package contents and go to contents/MacOS
in the terminal, type cd and drag in the folder MacOS and hit return
Now type in ./blender -debug and hit return
post the output from the terminal window.