Can't Open Display Buttons

Alright, I got the latest blender release for Linux, and it crashes every time I try to render. So I went to the knowledge base, and it told me to go in the display buttons (f10) and do this workaround. But the display buttons don’t work apparently - clicking on the menu option and pressing F10 both produce no result. So I went and got blender for my windows desk. That one renders fine, but the display buttons still wont open. Can somebody help??

F10 opens the “image buttons”, or the newer terminology, “scene”. from there you can fork to render, anim or soundblock buttons (have a look at the three icons right before the frame slider)in the render buttons you have all settings which globally affect rendering (renderer used, save locations, global render options like Radiosity, Raytracing etc.)

I don’t quite understand… Are you saying the window that f10 is supposed to open is already up? I saw the render buttons on the bottom, but the one I’m looking for, “dispView”, doesn’t seem to be among them.

Lower center of the Output tab on the left.


Thanks a lot!
That does it.