Cant open track match blend tutorials

Hi im on a PC and have no trbl with the videos until i get to the advanced techniques folder then all videos from then on will not open. I downloaded file AGAIN off blender website but still having trbl they are mp4 videos. I might just have to wait for the dvd to arrive in the mail but this is really frustrating. Any ideas why this happening?

Ask another subscriber to pull down a troublesome video to check, sadly I’m not on cloud so I can’t help. But I did buy the DVD and you will like it… eventually.

I only have the download from 1st version I’m not on cloud either i will get track match blend 2 eventually but i think you have to join blender cloud first. Agreed 3 point edit i can’t wait!

I just downloaded all files to my MAC and again those same files will not open it says they have been damaged or corrupted. So must be trbl with the source at the blender store

Possibly it’s the download. I can run the Advanced Techniques videos both in Firefox and after downloading.

I’m guessing it’s not OS related, but Ubuntu 14.04.

EDIT - Oh wait. I think I misunderstood. I downloaded from Blender Cloud… :confused:

I downloaded from Blender store both pc and mac . I shot them an email hopefully ill hear something tomorrow. I will eventually join the cloud for track match 2

Well guys figured it out i had to download the files using 7zip. That did the trick for some reason and i can now open all videos…Man Im in some serious trouble with blender if i cant even open the tutorials.

Hope this helps others but im probably the only one.