Can't paint across UV island

Well howdy dowdy! I’m having issues!

I will add two images. The first one will show the issue. And since I’ve already googled a whole lot I also added a second image to rule out the most basic stuff.

Basically what happens is that when I put down my brush size it wont paint on both sides off my unwrapped mesh.

Annotation 2020-07-06 173826

I figured someone would notice and say “Well, look at that. Overlapping UVs”. But I’m one step ahead of you good sir/madam.

As you can see, my UVs are properly unwrapped and I removed all the parts that aren’t the window border in order to get it working. And it does work with a bigger brush. However, with a smaller brush it wont paint across. Not even if I start on the top part. Then it doesn’t draw anything until I get to the bottom “plank”. Also, I did apply scale etc. Not sure why it only works with bigger brush size.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

Edit: Normals are flipped the correct way as well.