Can't paint in 3D

Hello all.

I’m learning to do 3D and I_m following the donnut tutorial.

It was all good until the texture painting. I can paint in the U.V window, but not on the 3D one, no matter what I do, it does nothing in the 3D window.

Redid the class twice, and it never worked. Is it a bug? How can I fix it?

Thanks all in advance

Maybe you aren’t in texture paint mode
If you post a screencapture or a short video someone will be able to answer you after thinking only a few seconds.

I will post a picture tomorrow. Thanks

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For some reason, I also can’t paint in U.V now =(

You have masking on :slight_smile:

I disabled it, but I can still not paint =/

You also have a texture on your brush, but it doesn’t have any shape. White color in a texture is where it will draw.

Sorry, I don’t know it it is related, but there is this blue line

You save my life and have my thanks =) Worked now

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