Can't paint in weight paint mode

I did a test rigg for a character and applied an Automatic Weights
And I’m having this issue:
when I go to weight paint mode I CAN’T PAINT. Instead I just move the bones. The weights are desplayed nicely though.

Funny part of it is that it happend also in my prevoius project with a totally different model and rigg.

Also CTR+ TAB switches me to Object Mode, not to Weight Paint Mode :frowning:

I would really appreciate your help, since I can’t find solution anywhere…

EDIT: Maybe a gif will help to understand it a bit…

Post the blend file please - it’s impossible to speculate on an answer without the file to look at.

Cheers, Clock.

Here it is.

Thank you for helping me! :smiley:



Hmmm - I weight painted it straight away, without altering anything in your file.

I can only suggest there is something awry with your Blender Install or Computer setup.

Sorry that’s the best I can do - perhaps you should ask the question again in the Technical Support Forum, Maybe someone else could verify if they can weight paint the mesh.

Cheers, Clock.


I looked in the Info Window and saw many messages saying “Missing UV’s Textures Detected” this may be a problem for you. Try importing the mesh not a new project file.

Ok, I will look into that. Maybe there is a problem in the preferences…

The ‘missing UVs’ are a bit of a riddle to me, since on this file I work only on matarials. Hm…

But thanks anyways. Now I know there is something wrong on MY PC not with the file ITSELF. =)


It’s me again,

the solution was simpler than I thought. I just updated Blender from 2.73 to 2.75. and it fixed everything! Yey! =D

Thanks again for checking the file. It really helped to localize the problem!


You’re welcome.

Cheers, Clock.