Can't paint in weightpaint mode

I can’t paint my robot in weightpaint mode. First I select an armature in pose mode, then I select the object and press CTR+TAB, but it dosn’t work.
Yesterday it worked… Here is a screenshot:

I’m quite new to this, please help :frowning:

i see that you have parented the mesh wrong to the bones i can see that by Vertex groups on bottom left you have no group and you can’t paint one nothing ;]
exit paint more or edit more (goto object mode) unparent the mesh (i think it was alt+P or ctrl)
then select back you mesh THEN bones and parent it there should show something like this pick armature then the ‘…heat’ one
i just don’t know why it did work earlier looking at the blend file will help it this won’t :slight_smile:


I doesn’t work :frowning:
Here is the file:

It works! Thank you very much migero :slight_smile:

BTW, I have a question:
Why doesn’t the mesh follow the armature/bone when i move it?

hmm the heat thingy dont quite works with your mesh (don’t know why) unparent it and parent with the 3rd option not heat
if somethings wrong look in this blend file (fixed just arm)


Thank you very much migero for excellent support :slight_smile:
I’m going to try out the third option.

EDIT: It works!