Can't paint over image texture, it only makes black strokes

the image texture loads in there, i already textured my horse no problem, but for some reason with this one it just completely ignores the texture thats supposed to be painted on the mesh?
the mesh is already unwrapped.
i already tried

  • deleting and re-uploading the texture but it didnt change
  • even switching texture to a different picture but with same outcome
  • adding material and node-linking the texture to the base color of the material
  • different engines and layouts
    but it just paints with the black and not the texture when i paint over the texture?
    (please ignore the automatic UV mapping)

    im new to Blender, sorry if its just something simple

see this short tut on texture project painting
might help you

happy bl

no it didnt at all actually… theyre doing completely different way of texturing and didnt mention anything about my issue… thanks for the vid tho

nevermind i solved it myself… for anyone dealing with this issue, heres easy solution!
in workspace settings menu, in color picker section just change the color from black to white and then it paints the texture

That’s another thing that bothers me about Blender painting…color bleed. Every paint stoke’s texture color is dependent on the brush color. If you have a texture selected for painting, it’s come shouldn’t be dependent on brush color.