Can't paint stencil on UDIM tile

I tried out the udim tiles today for the first time, and to begin with it was all working okay.
After a while the ability to paint a stencil image stopped working but only for the paint window - left hand side of the above image.
I can still use a stencil in the 3d view window - right hand side of above image.

The strange thing is if I try painting on the first tile, number 1001, the stencil works but for the following two tiles I can’t paint on them.
This problem is only affecting the stencil. If I remove the stencil texture then the paint brush will work on all the tiles.
The uv maps are grey as I am painting a bump map.

Blender 2.82
Linux mint 19.3

Thanks for any help with this.

Hello! Have you solve the problem?

No, still got the same problem. I can paint on the model but not on the second or third udim.

yeah, the same problem and I gave up on it)