Cant Paint the mesh !

i cant paint these meshes. I did everything that i saw on a tutorial, which worked pretty fine on other models, but it isnt working on this one.

can anybody help me!

Thanks in advance


myArmRight_Idle.blend (1.42 MB)

The one that is set up for texture painting is using a mask texture on the brush

without defining actual texture, so it’s black (0)

There are no images packed in the .blend but the definitions are there. The paint slots are using a .psd format image which could also be a problem.

TBH, i dont understand a singe thing!

im very new to blender (its been just a week)

I used this method which uses the cycles render engine to successfully create the textures for the other arm.

It would be very helpful if u give a brief description of the steps.[ATTACH=CONFIG]512535[/ATTACH]