Can't paste opposite pose of left foot.

I am trying to make a dog walk cycle following a tutorial here: It’s not coming out too good. One thing I can’t figure out is why I am unable to copy the left front foot on frame six and paste the opposite on frame twenty-six. The right front foot stays off the ground. The other feet seem to get their opposite poses copied correctly. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Blend file:

Select your pole target bones as well as your foot controls. If that does not work do the following:

Enter edit mode on your armature. Select the right or left foot bones and pole targets. Type “g” to start a transform but cancel it. (You have to have x-mirror in the tool self enable, which you do in the file you linked.) This will pop the bones into alignment on either side.

I was able to copy and paste with no issues after that.

Thanks for replying. I tried what you said to do, but it did not fix the problem. I plan to start the action all over again with a new .blend file. Hopefully the same problem won’t present itself. I have to find an easy to follow tutorial on making a dog walk cycle. I spent too many hours trying to follow the above linked tutorial, and my results are not good enough.

Hmm. I’ll take another look. I just replicated your issue. Starting your action over will not fix the problem. There is something funky in the rig. I just have not found it yet.

If you check the roll of the bones in edit mode of your armature, you’ll see that many on them are out of alignment. You’ll need to fix that to have copy mirror work correctly. That is what is throwing off your poses.

The bones that make up the spine area are goofy. That is making your legs do funny things.

You can change the roll of a bone by typing ctrl-r. Holding Shift while rolling will give you finer control. Turning on Axes Display in the armature panel will show you the direction of each of the bones.

Unfortunately, you will have to redo your animation after you make the proper changes to the bones as your poses will all be skewed.

Good Luck!

How can I tell if the roll of the bone is out of alignment? I looked at the bones, and except for the spine, they look like they are all pointing in the right direction. I don’t know where x, y and z axes should be pointing, though. He didn’t go into that in the tutorial. I think the spine is fixed.

Now if I can find an easier to follow dog walk cycle tutorial…

Blend file:

The most important thing is to have all of the bones in a chain in alignment. So your head to your hips should all have the same bone roll and placement. If your dog had fingers, all of the bones in each finger should have the same bone roll. This is true for all bones in a chain.

I would recommend looking up axes and doing some research on it. It is very important to rigging and animation. I could not explain it in a few sentences.

Edit: Sorry for jumping in here without doing a proper analysis. Yeah looks like copy paste mirror on the chest and hip bones is making them move up for reasons given above. Second file looks like it’s fixed.

Wow I really screwed this one up. I haven’t done that in awhile. The beast can bite in many ways.