Can't place texture onto fur (2.71)?

So I am following the tutorial here and when it gets to the part where he gives the fur its base color, I am stuck. I can’t figure out how to get the texture file to apply to the particles/fur.

I have clicked on the texture panel, and have create the texture under the particles textures, but it won’t show up on the model.

Note that the tutorial only gives info for earlier versions of Blender, so isn’t helpful for 2.71.

Any help? Thanks.

I have clicked on the texture panel, and have create the texture under the particles textures,
You don’t use a particle texture to set the colour, you add a texture to the material used for the emitter object. If the emitter has more then one material then you shose which you want to use for the particle system in the Particle / Render settings


hair_colour.blend (352 KB)

Is there a way to do this with nodes or in cycles render? I’m not currently using blender render, so that option doesn’t seem to be available to me.

The same method is used whether you use blender render or cycles materials

This is just not so. Those options aren’t available once switched to the cycles renderer. See the images I have included.

You don’t do anything in the material itself to assign it to the fur, nodes or not. You make a material, then you go to the hair particle settings and pick the material there. Look in the particle settings for the Render panel. There’s a material menu there.

Using the blend file I attached earlier I just changed from a Blender Render magic texture to a cycles magic texture. Exactly the same method as before. Do you know how to actually add textures to cycles materials. If you do then you know you don’t add it with the textures tab as you are showing in your screenshots, you add it via the materials settings or node editor. This applies to any other materials whether they are for fur or any other material.

Ok that worked. In the node editor, I see that it is now using an “image texture”, whereas before it was just using a “texture”. Can you explain the difference between these?

Also, I have now gotten it to render correctly with cycles, but it still won’t render with just the blender render. I have followed all the steps previously outlined in this thread btw. See the image below.

You have a Blender Internal material node plugged into a cycles output node, no wonder that node setup doesn’t work in BI.