Can't play Anim in Blender.

After i render tga file (1-200) and i need to play blackby click Play Button .but
i got "
Welcome to Darwin!
‘C:\PROGRA~1\Blender’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. "

How should i do?


try Alt + a?

Wrong forum. Please use the Support->Animation forum next time!
Looks like you have a space in your installation path and the executed command can’t cope with it. My guess is you installed to Programme\Blender Foundation and now the command line is cut off at the space. I’m not sure how you can correct this though. Take a look at the preferences and see if you can change a path somewhere there (adding quotes around it or escaping the space character)

What platform you’re working on ?
isn’t Darwin usually OSX, but the Path is definitly Windows?

My os is Window XP
Alt-a is play for test animation that in window but how to use Play button
I need to play a file (tga ,png,jpeg) after i finish render .

Are you running Blender from a Boot camp partition on a Mac?

This problem can occur in Windows if the PATHEXT variable in the Environment is messed up. Right click on My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables. Under System Variables look for PATHEXT. It should look like this

.COM; .EXE; .BAT; .CMD [etc]

try to trace what file it sent the animation to. Personnally I like rendering straight out to avi, mpeg, h.264, mov, etc, but this way is a bit harder. Q: How long have u been using blender? If over a year, or even 2 months, or 1, maybe you’ve heard of the video sequence editor. (ur join date says november 07 so u probably already know…) Just get to the video sequence editor, go to the folder where the pictures tomake the anim is, and select image, select it with border select, add image, and put it together. U proably know this, but to tell u the truth, I only used the play button ONce ever. Becuz i always rendered out to quicktime or avi. :slight_smile: Good Luck