Can't play back DV AVI files

Hi all! Long time, no post!

I’m currently doing a project involving compositing live action with Blender material. However, when I attempt to render a scene including one of the files, Blender gives me this message:

Can't find AVI decoder for type : vids/dvsd
AVI ERROR: file is in an illegal or unrecognized format
Error loading avi: d:\Tapes\Tape 1\uvs060912-002-60.AVI
couldnt start avi
not an anim; d:\Tapes\Tape 1\uvs060912-002-60.AVI

The videos are recorded in DV-AVI format using Ulead capture software.

It appears to be a codec problem, but what can I do to rectify it?

Any help is welcome! :slight_smile:

You’ll have to generate either an image sequences of .tga / .png / .jpg /.exr or render to an .avi or .mov format that Blender can understand. What .avi it can understand however, I have no idea. Theoretically it should be able to read anything that it can output (in the Scene/Format tab), but I’m not sure about that :slight_smile:


Yes, I see what you mean. However, I can’t render them if Blender can’t even read them! :slight_smile:

I don’t seem to be able to find any way of saving the Ulead files as anything else, either. Bear in mind that there are many of them, accounting for about 11GB!

Will the problem be solved once Blender supports fourcc?

Ive had problems with dv avi in blender also, sometimes (if you can) getting rid of the audio, and just load the video can work.

OK, sounds interesting! What software did you use to strip the audio?

oh man, there’s so much free software out there for this. I’ve had bad results using anything ecxcept uncompressed avis in blender, (except jpg .avis) I do all compositing in AfterEffects (worth it but $$$)

try one of the following

Quicktime Pro (not free but worth $30 for suite of codecs and encoding capabilities, even trimming clips, editing, extracting audio to AIF and mixing tracks together. easiest of the bunch and surprisingly powerful)

VirtualDubMod (google it) free download… a little complicated at first but great help, it can even rip DVD mpeg2s to any format. Amazing AVI tool

FFMPEG tools - another free set of encoders in a nice gui, this one is more geared towards DVD extraction etc but can output any format

Thanks for your help, guys! As it turned out, vurtualdubmod still couldn’t play it, but it gave a more helpful error message, which allowed me to find the codec (which until now had been particularly shy).

For anyone searching for this in future, a codec for digital video (DV) can be found at

Vdub has been clutch on more than one occasion. even when I have much more expensive tools around…

oh I use a commercial program for that (stripping audio) but there is a free program somewhere called “rad video tools” You can do it with that , just do a yahoo or google search for it. That program is pretty useful for video stuff.