Can't post Bug reports in the tracker?

I have an account.
But it seems that i can’t post any bug reports in the Blender 2.5 tracker.
I filled everything up, uploaded the .blend.
But when i click submit, i get back to the Blender 2.5 tracker page.
But i can’t find my post.
The tracker main page “Open” number did not increase, neither did “Total”.
I also tried searching for the post in the tracker, couldn’t find it.
I tried posting four times with no success.

Could someone tell me what’s going on?

I want to post a bug about this behaviour:

Also, it’s kind of weird that the search for that site is down for ages.
Maybe someone already posted the bug report for this, but how would i know?

I works for me every time I try it.

Maybe you just chose a bad time when they were working on the servers or something?