Can't post

I keep getting this messege when trying to post, I’m not doing anything I haven’t done in other forums, I keep getting this messege:

“Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn’t contain forbidden words.”

I’m only posting 1 url and it’s youtube, I even tried to post the url in text and it even denied me then.

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As an anti-spam measure, new users can’t post links. You need to increase your post count, some suggestion on how best to do that in this recent thread

thanks for the info, I’ll try to do that if I get the time.

i can’t even reply and increase my post account withouth getting an error message…

it worked here, I was trying to post a reply in critique forum and was not allowed, the message that came up mentioned not being allowed to post 2 posts withing 30 seconds, which is strange since I was trying to make my first post. Is there some wait time or are there some forum areas that new users can’t post on?

yeah this is kind of frustrating but i understand why it has been implemented.

I think I have a similar problem. Although I did post before in the form of replies. Seemingly not enough?!

You need to increase your trust level by spending time reading, giving out likes and replies, etc

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No I think you should be good, but make sure that you always post in the relevant subcategory. For example, you cannot post in #artwork - select #artwork:finished-projects or another subcategory instead.

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