can't press menu buttons

Hi, I’ve just installed blender and, rather frustratingly, I can’t even click on the drop down menus. the menu flashes into view for an instant but not for long enough to click anything. Any help greatly appreciated.

it sounds like one of these things

  1. make sure to update your drivers for your motherboard and video card

  2. you have downloaded a build from and didn’t get the microsoft visual c++ redistributable pack 2008 SP1. (only applies to windows)

  3. you have downloaded a bad build from try another build or to make sure it is your computer and not the build, just get 2.49b from and read the installation instructions.

  4. you have a computer with on board video or a crappy video card. if your drivers are all up to date, you might try to install an older driver. also, search on google for forum topics that talk about your motherboard model and graphics issues, particularly openGL. To find out what motherboard you have, download CPUZ, otherwise known as CPUID. It is free.

Thanks very much. I will try your suggestions.

Well, I’ve got the latest drivers for my nvidia 280 GTX. and I’ve re installed blender 2.49b from the official site but the problem is still with me. It runs fine on my laptop (but that’s old and slow) so I know it’s an issue with my pc but I’m stuck. Any further suggestions?

Dell 0MY171 A00
Nvidia GTX 280 revision A2

GOT IT! For some reason Blender doesn’t like me using my screen in portrait mode. I flipped it to landscape and the problem went away!