Can't properly move the camera!

Um, I’m doing an animation that involves moving the camera. I want the camera to go in multiple directions and make numerable rotations, but I can’t get it to move right. For example: I make three key frames for the camera, in which the camera will change location and rotation. In the first two keyframes-- in which the camera will make a rotation-- the camera does exactly what I want it to do. But on the third keyframe-- in which it makes a second rotation-- I notice that the camera begins making the second rotation prematurely from the first keyframe in the animation. In each keyframe I use the LocRot command, if this is my problem.

So, can someone please give me a few tips on moving the camera?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

oh, the “infamous” ipo interpolation problem

yeah, it works that way, check out the ipo window. The same thing is true for locations. The solution is to either tweak stuff in the ipo window, or add more keyframes.

Perhaps setting interpolation mode of the location and rotation ipos to “linear” will give you what you want?

Ok, thanks. But I’ve come across another problem with the camera.
When I render, I see the inside of the head of my figure, looking down the neck. The camera is not inside the head, but looking at the figure. Wherever I move the camera, I see the same thing when I render.

are you sure you don’t have a second camera inside of the head? or possibly a keyframe at the frame you are rendering at, in which the camera is inside of the head?

Or you made the object the camera? Select the camera nd hit Ctrl-NumZero


Thanks Fligh! Problem solved!