Can't reach blender web site

Hi to all!

I wasn’t using blender for two years now and want to continue.
But I can’t reach official website for about 2 weeks.
I want to download the newest version.
Is the problem general or only I have it?
I constantly get server DNS address could not be found.
And can’t ping the server too.
Is the site under construction?

Thanks in advance.

It works for me. If it hasn’t been working for you in the last two weeks, you might need to see if there’s a problem with your internet connection.

Very weird.
It is not working for me on any device I have.
That is the only site I can’t reach on the whole web.

Thanks @Acedragon for the info and answer!

what DNS are you using? i use and since ISP’s like to mess with them, like filtering, ad injecting, etc.

I’ve been experiencing the same problems, on and off, for the past few months (at least).

Sometimes responds immediately, sometimes it’s not. Just experienced it now… again. If I wait or jump around a bit, eventually I’m able to connect. I do not experience this with any other website. I’m wondering, would my ISP (Shaw in Canada) be filtering it? But then why is the problem intermittent. :\

What info can I capture (via linux) that might help my ISP figure out what’s going on?