Can't render a simple thing correctly and also render view is empty

Hello. I have some problems about rendering. So I just made some random objects to be able to show whats the problem, and I added a light and a camera. So I wanted to render view but everything is empty, black when I try to render view. When I try to render I can see the bolt objects that I have created however, for some reason they look very weird. I don’t know whats causing a problem like this. If anyone has some information about what could be causing it, I would be glad to learn that.
Thanks in advance
Here is the random file that I created as an example(render view, again is empty here as well…):
again, thanks for any help…

It seems to be working fine for me in cycles/eevee:

do you have a render device selected?

can you see it in render view as well?

and light source isn’t visible?

yeah, it looks fine:

your light source is a sun, so it wont be visible anyway.

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Alright. Its a problem about my computer then. Thanks for the help