Cant render, cant move camera on other frames

Only 1 first frame is where i can move camera / create camera / render

Instead of using bad language, try to explain your problem in a better way! Next time I’ll ban you!

Camera is where it is.
It can be moved (g/r/ move mouse or write in nr press - or not, press enter) ony on 1st frame
Fluid simulatsion frames where i can see my camera but cant move create or use it as what camera is used to be used for rendering. Weird isn’t it, camera doesn’t do it’s work.

My bad maybe, i use older Blender 2.48a.
Maybe this serious error is fixed in newer blender.:mad:

IndigoDriverExcep: SceneLoaderExcep: Syntax error while parsing real 3-vector ‘1.#INd00 -1.#IN00 -1.#IN00

Now i can render but i can’t rotatate camera in 3d window when i move between fluid simulatsion baked frames.

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I find it bad when i can’t link to youtube video what is visual more telling method.


Check you’ve not already created an IPO for the camera.

What is IPO, how to check.
Thanks for your reply.

Can 1 camera be default for all simulation frames, so i can rotatate it under every frame and go to rendering without deleting all other frames by applying simulation modifier.

Get into object mode and make certain your camera is visible (hit ~ to turn on all layers, then hit ALT+H to show all hidden items). hit the numpad 7 to view your scene from above. Deselect everything in the scene by hitting A once or twice until nothing is highlighted pink. Find and select your camera with the right mouse button. When selected it will turn pink. If the IPO Curve editor is not on-screen, change one of your windows to be the IPO Curve editor. In the header of this window, find the drop-down list (which says Show IPO Type when you hover your mouse over it) and change it to ‘Object’.

A series of colored lines/curves will probably show up in the window below the header, interspersed with black dots here and there. Hit the ‘A’ key until all the black dots turn white. Hit ‘X’ and confirm deletion.

Your camera should now behave itself.

Just be sure that your camera is NOT selected when you add keyframes unless you want your camera to move automatically during the animation.

Thanks beefcalf. I will experiment with your advice.