Can't render fire

The fire can be seen on the view, but when it renders, it disappears, the material is tuned, the principled volume is used, I corrected the fire following the CG Geek video, did not bake, but only need one frame and before that I rendered one frame

Are you rendering with alpha?

This works for Cycles as well - in 2.8 … could be adapted to 2.79 as well.

I do not know, I rendered in cycles, not a transparent background

Just re-read your first post… you need to bake… only up to the frame you’re using… so if your rendering frame 50 bake frames 1-50.

But before I render without baking and it is in interactive rendering displays correctly
I will note such a thing - in the scene that I rendered earlier, the source of fire, firewood, became transparent only from the edges, but in this case they have not changed

I just started using Blender. I’m on an imac
I followed this video exactly, but fire won’t render.

Is it the imac?