Can't Render In Black and White, any ideas why?

I can’t seem to render in black and white. All the stuff I’ve seen just says push the “BW” button, but it won’t do it. Is there something I’m missing?

Uh, is this in reference to the game engine, or is this in reference to a Blender Render? It sounds like a Blender Render.

Are you rendering out a QT movie? It looks like the BW feature works when rendering to a still image, but not when rendering to a QT file… This looks like a bug to me.

Try rendering each of the attached blends. One renders to a QT, the other to an image sequence. When I do this, the QT is color, the sequence is BW.

renderPNG.blend (463 KB)

renderQT.blend (463 KB)

I can submit this as a bug later today unless someone can explain this strange behavior…