Can't render!

Hi, i’m kind of new with the program
so it is my firs time rendering an animation, i’m using an armature on one of my model’s parts, the legs, which are separated from the rest of the body.
Then i start moving the armature trying to make a little animation test, making keyframes, etc… but when i try to render an image or a video the only part that had an armature and which i animated (the legs) doesn’t appear in the rendered image. I haven’t move anything else apart from the armature, and i don’t know what did i do, i’m almost sure it’s something i did by accident and i’ve been watching tutorials but i couldn’t find anything useful, so i’m hoping you could help me!
I’ve attached a couple of screenshots, hope they’re helpful.

Attach or post link to your blend file. Upload files to then tell us the url of your file.

Here it is

Thank you!

Select the legs and in the Object / Duplication panel change it back to ‘None’

It work out perfectly thank you!