can't render

Hi Folks,

got a basic problem which is, i don’t really know how to render, at least not in blender.

I do know a bit about lighting and certain physical aspects like Bias, fresnel, z-buffer, ambient occlusion, etc. which aren’t relevant here btw…

But i don’t understand all the necessary settings in blender to get a rendered image.

So i simply don’t understand the render maschine in blender.

Therefor i attached a very basic and simple example blendfile of what i would like to have rendered (with an UV-image packed to it).
(there might be a few too many sun sources put in)

If anyone feels like taking a chance at it him/herself to upload a solution back here, i’d appreciate that quite alot :))).

for today:
good night everyone


tiled mapping render test .blend (632 KB)

I don’t see your file, but the way to render, is just set up your scene, and in the render buttons press the button labelled ‘RENDER’. Then you just go to FILE >> SAVE RENDERED IMAGE. There are some other options like file type and alpha settings, that you can change before you render. Hope that helps.

thanks mate :slight_smile:

but that doesn’t work for me, i mean i knew that button before.

i hit that render button and i never get a reasonable render image.

although the camera perspective seems to be alright,

the result is usually just a grey or black image - and i don’t get why.

You camera might be pointing the wrong way. Select the camera, then press 0 (Zero) on the numpad (make sure the numpad light is ON) you are now in the camera view. If you selected the camera, you will be able to translate the camera as you normally would. For example, you can do a trackball rotate by double pressing R on the keyboard. Good luck!