Can't resist

Ok I have to admit it I suck at animation and amnever ableto finish still projects. Can you guys do me a favor. I just think it would be so cool! Can you guys make a short that goes with Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix? I just think that a short of the master cheif like going through like a “hero parade” in front of citizens and than like entering a ship into battle synced with this music would be CRAZY! I unfortunatly am addicted to the fact that Master Chief is cool and this song is just as awesome. I would really really like it if you guys did that I would put it on the frontpage of my website. Anyway if you guys could do that it would be awesome! Anyway so please ignore my noobishness if you don’t share my passion. Just listen to the song and picture him on the edge of a cliff walking through crowds of little kids and stepping onto a ship. That would be so cool! So sorry I just had to post. So yeah just ignore this.

Read this, then re post, correctly

I wasn’t really asking for help on a project I was just being a noob sorry to waste post space but yeah. I was just being noobish.