Can't rig a makehuman character or anything for that matter

So I exported a makehuman character into blender correctly following these steps:

-Making the makehuman character.
-Adding the game rig
-Creating a new folder
-exporting the makehuman character as a .mhx under the new folder
-exporting the makehuman character as a .fbx under the new folder
-Enabling the makehuman add on in user preferences
-then lastly importing the character into blender

Then I tried to move the bones around in pose mode but they wouldn’t correspond with the mesh! Everything should be preparented, weighted, the whole shebang! The first friend I asked said I imported everything properly and said that it should work he just doesn’t know why. The second friend I asked said that a may not have been weighted and he was right but he told me to ask the first friend why. I asked the first friend and he said that he had never heard of weighting and has worked successfully with makehuman and custom rigs. Frustrating! Please help me! I’d really like it if you could!

My friend said that you should check the weight mapping by switching over to Weight Paint mode an selecting a bone. That would be an easy way to see if you got weights or not.

You can always use Rigify and painting your own weights… but people are lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried and it is weighted. It’s strange.

If you are just going to pose it in blender forget the game rig. Use the rigify option and rotation limits on exporting the mhx. Export in meters. When you import the mhx into blender there are import options on the bottom left, make sure rigify is checked. The FK rig is enabled by defualt, so you can rotate everything, you can enabled the IK rig in properties (hit n) and then just grab a hand and move it. The deforms are pretty solid out of the box.

Y u no use Makehuman rig in .mhx format already included and weighted and ready to go with every bell and whistle?