Can't Right Click to Delete Rig?

Hi, I’m a beginner blender user. All I’ve learned to use it for is posing pre-made rigs. Typically when I’ve made a clip with multiple rigs, I have no problem deleting rigs to get back to one to save as its own file. I just right click them over on the right toolbar and select delete.

But suddenly when I right click on them in the toolbar, NOTHING happens. No window pops up to select anything. I’ve tried resetting blender and closing and opening again and have been googling all morning and can’t figure this out.

Please help! Thanks!

Ok, so I still have no idea why it was doing this, but I just “solved” it.

I appended a new rig, then was able to delete that normally, then was able to delete the ones I’d been trying to delete before.

No idea, but it’s ok now at least!

Holy cow I figured it out. For some reason everything on the right toolbar was highlighted, so if I just left clicked each item to deselect, then everything worked normally. Pssh.