Can't rotat the view with the middle mouse button.

I have recently downloaded the latest official build of blender 2.57. When I load it onto my system with the executable I can’t rotate my view port with the middle mouse button any more. But when I use a build from, blender works as normal. Does anyone have any ideas that I might try to get this to work in the official build?

P.S. I have checked in the settings and the view rotation is set to the middle mouse button.

Try just downloading the .zip file and extracting it to the directory of your choice. It works for me and I have heard that the installer is sometimes a bit buggy.

Maybe it’s related, as i noticed when i try a new build, either graphicall or a new official release that i lose the mouse zooming with the mousewheel (that works too as a middle button if i press on the mousewheel instead of rolling it).

And that despite there’s no difference in the User Preferences from a previous version that worked.
To get back the mousewheel working as it should, i have to go to the Input and tick and untick “Emulate 3rd mouse button” then save the preferences.

That’s strange, but try the same to see if in your case it make it work again as it should