Can't Rotate Camera View!?

Hi, for some reason I can’t rotate my camera view. I installed Blender 2.49a after upgrading to Leopard and in the preferences I enabled rotate view with middle mouse button, but I still can’t rotate. I set all of Blender’s preferences exactly like they were in Tiger when it was working.

Are you able to pan?

Yes, instead of rotating it is moving / panning the selected object.

Create a Circle. Now this circle will be the parent of that camera and this camera should track the object.

Maybe a screen shot of your preference panel might help.
You are not talking about the camera in the scene, but the users view of the window, is this correct?

Ok, I found the problem… not related to Blender. In my mouse preferences in OS X I forgot to enable Button 3! Thanks for the replies though. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was my other guess, but wasn’t sure what it could be till I got home to my Mac.