Cant Rotate with Middle mouse button

2.79 new install on windows 10 no ability to rotate with Middle mouse Button

I have a 2.79 new install on windows 10 and I can not rotate the view with by pressing the middle mouse button. Can anyone shed some light on this for me ?

IT seams to me I had 2.78 working ok on this windows 10 machine in the past. I just installed 2.79 Maybe I need to go back to 2.78 ?
On my other computers when I press and hold the middle mouse button in blender it rotates the view. Not on this one. Mouse driver problem ? preference setting ?
I am stumped.

There was no change in mouse behaviour from 2.78 to 2.79.

That’s not the point. The more important question is: Does the middle mouse botton work as expected in other software on the problematic machine?

If not: Check mouse software for conflicting button configuration. If there is none, the middle mouse button of this very mouse might simply be defective.

On User Preferences, Input tab:
Check, at least until you get this figured out, that ‘Blender’ is set and not other emulations (like ‘Maya’).
Check that 3D View -> 3D View (Global) -> Rotate View is set (or if it has been changed from ‘Middle Mouse’)

Ok so this mouse has an intermittent problem and that lead me to a lot of confusion here. When tested on the other machine it worked to rotate the first time but when I put it over on the other computer this time it did not work. So I swapped out my mouse and things are normal. And I can rotate the view now with the Win 10 machine.


I find that the middle mouse button on the scroll wheel isn’t always as good as the other buttons for some reason or other. (Wears out faster, or just isn’t as good at keeping the long press.) But if the mouse has the side-rocker function for the scroll wheel, then those tend to still work. (Likely not as heavily used.) So one trick to stretch use of a mouse is to re-map to one of the side rockers, which Blender also allows. It’s just a hair over from the usual way you were pressing, so it’s not too hard to adapt to.