Can't save extrusion (click or enter just makes it disappear).

This is weird. Want to do a basic extrusion along the Y axis, using right ortho view.

Should be easy. Done it heaps of times. Just type in “E Y .15” and hit Enter or click to save.

Right? No. Wrong. Blender has just decided it doesn’t want to save extrusions. Attempting to save it just jumps back to how it was before extruding.

I haven’t changed any settings. Have tried closing and restarting Blender. Problem still exists.

Any ideas?

could you give us some more information? such as what does ur scene look like?
from what you’ve said so far nothing should of gone wrong.

Ha. I figured it out. Brain went wrong. I’d acquired some extra duplicate verts that were borking things.

I had checked for dups by doing a Ctrl+A > Remove doubles, but somehow the dups were still there. Finally got around it another way, then found out what had happened. All good now.