Can't save! Help.

Ok, so I go ‘control’ + ‘W’, or what ever, and blender says…
Save Over: blend file” so I click it as I always do, but then it says…
Error: Unable to make version backup” so once again I click it, but then it says.
Error: Unable to open” so I click it again, + it stops saying things.

What did I do wrong!?!?


No one knows??? Because I’m just leaving blender open at the moment because I’d like to save, but can’t.

Does anybody know how to fix this, because I really want to get back to blendering!


I have had that happen too. I have no idea why it does it. But I generally just save as a different file name and keep on going.

Use the File/Save as (F2) and change the filename to something else. I’ve had that happen too, don’t know what the reason is.


Cool, thanks guys! That worked. Phew, for a while I was worried I might loose all my changes.

I wonder why that does happen?