Can't save object's rotation

i’ve just turn this into this yellow-ish mode and cant turn it off. I cant save object’s rotation, even if i apply it :<
it sounds lame, but i have no idea how i did that ._. Do anyone know how to turn it off? thanks.

EDIT: i know they are locked, i trided to save rotation in that way, but after opening file again, it IS locked, but rotation is set as before locking/applying/saving :frowning:


You have saved a keyframe for the objects rotation. Right mouse click on the yellow numbers and there should be an option to remove keyframes. You should see a vertical line in the timeline. This is the frame which has the keyframe. You may have to go to that frame to remove it.

oh, i did it… on purpose… and i forget…THIS is lame… oh well

thanks for the answer, helps alot :eyebrowlift: