"Cant save old file with @" ?

I get this error message all of a sudden. Have no idea what it means or where it comes from. Any ideas?

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From my understanding a “[email protected]” file is a temporary file that serves as a kind of saving buffer. When saving a file, Blender at first creates the “[email protected]” file and - when the saving is finished - it renames it back to “.blend”.

If the saving process is interrrupted for some reason, the “[email protected]” file is left behind. Why that is only you can find out, as we know nothing about your machine or your OS. Running out of disk space? Failing HDD? Saving to Google Drive while the previous save is still synchronizing? Having multiple “.blend” files open that reference each other?

However, you can try to find the “[email protected]” file, remove the “@” and see if that file works.

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First day, first lesson in computer usage and naming, that I have always given to my classes. Adopt a consistent naming convention and stick to it, with the following rules. Alpha/Numeric characters ONLY, no “funny characters” such as [email protected]#$%^&*(){}[]|:;"’<,>.?/~` etc. as these are reserved and used in coding languages, and the @ sign is one of those, as you and I all use it in email addresses. These characters have significance to the computer. The only exceptions are the underscore_ and the hyphen- which are very useful for naming as in big-character_ver5. You can use UpperCase and LowerCase for ease of reading, but remember that UPPERCASE and lowercase have different ascii numbers are if you are filtering using Python or other languages, you have to account for these ascii differences. Notice that I did not use the SpaceCharacter in the name example . . . no spaces, as it is not really a character, has it’s own ascii code and again, must be accounted for if you are trying to parse data. On some systems, with some software, you may get away with poor naming, but it will get you later down on the line, and particularly if you are sharing assets. Good luck, hope this helps.

Is your file on Resilio Sync or Dropbox maybe?

Something else that I’ve seen reported as causing this error. If you have any external data packed into your blend file try unpacking it before saving.

Dropbox yes, SreckoMicic. Please explain, thanks!