Can't save orientation

I am having this weird problem where if I can’t save an objects orientation. I have a model and no matter how I orient it and save it, it will always revert the same orientation when I open it. I deleted the back up file and I even saved it under a different name bit I still cannot save any different orientation.

To clarify - I made a ship and when I open the file it is always tilted at a 30 degree angle. I can orient it so it is not tilted and save it but when I reopen the file it is tilted at the 30 degree angle again.

only thng i can see is that you have added a constraint of some sort

so check out in IPO viewport if ther eis any curves and delete theses
or check in modifier panel if there is any added there too!


I’ll bet you have keyframed the ship.

Try appending the ship into a new .blend, orient the ship, save and check to see if it is ok.