Can't save preferences

I cant seem to save preferences… how do i fix it? When I try to save I get a warning that trying to save to somewhere under ‘/private/var/’ is read only.

I did add some scripts to the blender folder (HeavyPoly Config) which went well but i cant seem to save changes to the preferences now.

Look at the directory ‘/private/var/’ in your computer’s file system, outside Blender. Do you have write and execute permission on the ‘var’ directory? Do you have that permission on ‘/private/’.

The problem is this isnt the correct place for storing them. I shouldnt mess with the permissions on that folder. Its like blender has forgotten the location of itself so its falling over to a generic system folder. I am on a Mac.

Try to create a folder called config inside /<path-to-blender>/2.79 or /<path-to-blender>/2.80 depending on the version. Blender will save your prefs there.

@chalybeum Thanks for the tip. It should have been saving prefs and the startup file to:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/2.8

But i think something in the heavy poly startup file was confusing it since it was created windows i think. I stripped everything off and started again, and it seems fine now.

Were you able to get this to work while keeping the heavy poly startup file? I really like his config for the most part, but need to change some user settings.

Yes - although Vaughn says to open Blender app itself and drop the files into it, I found it best to put everything under ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/ since then you don’t have to reload evey thing when you update Blender.

My ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/ folder looks like this, with all the heavypoly scripts as well as the the heavy poly startup and userprefs file:

Thanks so much! It took me some time to figure out still. I had to manually create the scripts/startup folder, as well as replace the standard config folder with Vaughns. All in all, finally able to save user preferences so it seems to be working fine.

Thanks again.