Can't save to .exr or multi-layer formats

I did post a bug report about this, and started a previous thread about not being able to use “Save Buffers”. Well, I’ve traced the problem a bit further …
Turns out, the problem is that I can’t save to .exr format at all, including multi-layer format. I have to go all the way back to ver 2.54 for .exr saving to work.
Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Please?
Only one person at the bug-report site was able to replicate the problem when I posted it as being unable to use “save buffers” … for that person, re-compiling fixed it. Of course, it turns out that “save buffers” writes the file as an .exr … heh …
I post this here instead of as a bug report because, well, I want to see what the community has to say, and I also don’t want to bug the dev team with a non-replicable problem. Perhaps once I have a bit of input from here, I’ll re-file a bug-report as an .exr problem.
No .blend is needed. It happens for me with a clean install, default scene. Both the official release and SVN downloads. I don’t know what to do! Saving as .exr, especially blender’s multi-layer .exr format, is indispensable, especially for compositing.
There is no error in the console window, even if I run blender from a command prompt. It just out and out crashes, period.
Please, help me if you can. Any ideas are better than the no ideas I currently have.

also, if anyone knows how to read Windows XP SP3 crash dumps, I could provide one …

still no love with ver 2.57 …
PLEASE!! any ideas would be awesome!!

also, it turns out I can’t even OPEN .exr files … <sigh>
what could cause this? PLEASE!!

If someone else can replicate this then post a bug, I think it may be your system though as I have been rendering out a lot of EXR multi-layer images lately, on versions 2.55, 56 & the latest release and I’ve had no issues writing them, or reading them. In Blender, Photoshop and IrfanView.

Maybe try grabbing a clean version from Graphicall and running it, see if you get the same issue?

It crashes for me too (2.57 official build, 32 bit XP SP3). Though I do see a giant seemingly all-black (in irfanview and exrdisplay) exr file in my temp directory, and this is my first time trying to use this feature.

Edit: I spoke too soon. The crash was happening at the end of the render with several passes, which I happened to enable at the same time as changing the output format. If I make my render dimensions really tiny, the crash goes away, suggesting that it might be a 32bit issue in my case, probably not the same issue as reported above.

Well, still happens with the official stable 2.57 release. I have tried many graphical builds. I have posted a bug report. The last version where .exr works for me is 2.54, so it seems to me it’s gotta be some change between 2.54 and 2.55. No other app on my system has problems with .exr files, and of course Blender is the only app that can use its multi-layer format.
Oh well. I guess I can work around it by seperately rendering layers and saving them as .tif files, but what a PITA. :frowning:

No .blend is needed. It happens for me with a clean install, default scene.

just out of interest are you using installers or extracting one of the zipped builds to a test directory for testing?

zipped build. i never use the installers. hmmmm, interesting thought.

Sorry, if i’m late.

I think its a winXP SP3 problem. With SP2 does not crash, but after installing SP3 Blender crashes every time i try to save an .exr file.
Same with full sample (FSA) on. As soon as blender wants to save an .exr file ----> CRASH

EDIT: has nothing to do with SP3. Even on SP2 crashes. On Ubuntu works fine.

well, at least now there’s someone else who has this problem. I’m pretty sure FSA needs to write/read an .exr file, but i haven’t tested that aspect. are you able to READ .exr files? I can’t.
I do have an open bug report, so anything you can tell me that i can pass on would be awesome, and possible help.
I’ll prolly be re-installing windows again <sigh> and one of the FIRST things i’ll test is this problem under a brand-spankin-new-fresh XP install. fingers crossed.