Can't see background image

I was working on a scene in which I had a background image (inserted in top view; Num 7). In the middle of my work when I switched back to top view after having gone to another view, the background image was gone. It shows up just fine, but only in camera view (Num 0). I’ve tried just about everything I can figure out, including deleting the background image and re-inserting it, but cannot manage to see the background image again in top view (or Num 1 or Num 3). It remains okay in Num 0, camera view. Anybody got an idea?

Sorry for wasting space here on this. I just figured out that the image shows up only in perspective mode. I do wonder, however, is there some way to make it show up only in, say, top view (Num 7) and no others?

yes, each pane (3D window view) has its own background image settings. Each pane can or cannot use background image independently. So, you can set top view to have one image, but unless you set the others to use an image, no other views will use it. side view another, and front another. They can all be the same image if the image is one big composite of all views you want to reference. User view cannot have a background, since the perspective changes all the time. Background images can be stills or movies or whatever.

Oh, I see (I think). I actually have to split the 3d window and make each separate window a separate view. Then each window can have a separate bkg image. If I just use Num 7, 1, 3, or 0 in the same one window where an image is already showing, it continues to show in all views. Is that it?