Can't see curve path after applying modifier

nurbs (665.0 KB)

Hi, I’m new to blender and have noticed a strange display problem. When using a path to generate an object which is similar to a hose, constructed from an arrayed cylinder and a curve modifier the path becomes invisible. As this behaviour is somewhat random and I can’t see a pattern, I was wondering if this is a setting which may causes this problem. I initially thought this maybe a version or hardware ( display driver issue) however I tested now against 2.8.3 ,2.9 and 2.91 with different hardware and display drivers and all show the same result. I should mention that this only affects the visibility of the path, the path is still in the file and objects related to it still function as expected.
The file was created in 2.9.1 the file is attached any help would be greatly appreciated.
Edit: I was able to copy the curve from the scene collection browser and reattach the new curve as the curve modifier and this solved the problem, the copy of this is now reattached and is visible with the same settings, I think there is the possibility that this is a bug?

No bug. You’re in local view.

Thanks you for your reply, this really had me going. You are spot on, this is definitely a trap for young player. I will remember this for sure, the little indicator at top right (local) is the indicator. Thanks again that why I love the community…you are awesome! and please accept my apologies for doubting our developers :slight_smile:

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If I had the technique, I’d rig up something to make that LOCAL flag a >>LOT<< more noticable, like a highly contrasting color. It’s downright evil currently.

Bright yellow might work.