Can't See Material IPOs (but they're there!)

Say I have a material and apply a procedural texture such as clouds which I want to animate by altering ofsX, ofsY, size Z etc over time. In the material’s IPO window I can draw the curves no problem and the animation will work fine. But…(you knew this was coming, didn’t you?) manual drawing seems to be the only way I can get the curves to show up. So for example if I want to re-use the material in a different project and append it to the new project, the curves don’t show up in the IPO window, but the texture still animates OK. Or if I try to insert a key by hovering the cursor over the material buttons, pressing I and selecting say Ofs or Size, nothing happens. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

switch Ipo display from Object to Material.

I’m using the material IPO display, and whilst it shows manually drawn curves fine (so I know I’m in the correct display), I can’t get it to show appended IPOs or insert keys.

Aha: many thanks for the link to the manual. I found something I’d missed previously: selecting the right channel (duh!). Doesn’t seem to automatically switch when appending a material, but changing it manually works fine. Easy when you know how: thanks!