Can't see mesh I just created?

Hi there,

I’m very new( a couple of weeks to be exact) to blender 249.2 and have just switched from Maya and can’t believe how intuitive blender is and how quick is it, however I’m working through some tuts to get the hang of it and need you help.

I’m currently following a face modelling tutorial, I’ve created half of my face mesh but want to add a UVsphere for eyes to further model the around.

1 - The face model is in object mode deselected by pressing A.

2 - I’ve selected where I want the UVsphere to be created, in the eye socket lining up both the front and side views.

3 - But when I hit spacebar>add>Mesh>Uvsphere and create it doesn’t show up in my window

Funny thing is I can see it listed in the outliner?

Any ideas what is going on?


Figured it out.
Just closed blender and reopened the scene and it worked.

Still can’t figure out why I can’t see newly created geometry?
I restarted blender before and got a sphere created but when I went to create a circle or a plane etc they don’t show up but are listed in the outliner but not visible in the main screen.

I can see my face mesh, sphere mesh for the eyes but my new circle and plane are nowhere?

What setting have I missed?

Where is your 3dcursor? Newly created objects are placed where the 3dcursor is. Select the object in the outliner and press Alt+G (clear location).

Or perhaps you’re in Local View (only the selected objects are visible). Enter/exit this by pressing “/” on Numpad.
If the layer buttons are gone in the header, this means you’re either in Edit mode (Tab) or Local mode (/)

are you in wireframe view?
can you post the blend file?