Can't see new objects created in 3D view

working on a scene where I need to add an object (Circle) and after doing so (space>Add>Mesh>circle) I see nothing in 3D view, but the thing appears in outline and I see the name “circle” in 3D view.

if I make a new file or go to an older version of this scene, I can make and see one.

Can a blender file go corrupt like this such that you can’t see things you create?


Highlight the object in the outliner then numpad. (view selected).

The object is added at the location of the curser so may be out of view or on another layer of selected as not visible/hidden.

If its in the outliner its their somewhere, its just out of your view. Shift+C moves the curser back to 0,0,0 and shows the whole scene.


thank you…that helped…but I have confess making a complete newbie mistake…

I neglected to take the view out of “Bounding box.”

when I tried your suggestion on one of the objects (a sphere) all I saw was a cube, then it occurred to me to check the view type.

many thanks!

…then again, maybe not…(but still thanks to you!)I can now see the objects I create but nowhere else is the other stuff in the scene… maybe better to say that I can’t see them both. If I num pad period on one, I don’t see the other.

ok…mystery solved…the new shape was at wierd xyz coordinates…some 100000 units in each direction…perhaps beyond blender’s ability to show all?


in the view properties panel there’s a clip start and clip end “number field” :

Clip end is the maximum clip distance so objects further away than this in blender units cannot be seen.

the bigger you make that number the less precision you get for drawing so your graphics card might start drawing stuff a bit wrong if you crank the number up too high…

go in the layers pannel and click on them all.

that is a handy bit of info to know.

thank you!