Can't see other object on my outliner tab

hi guys, ı am on blender 2.79 and ı’m trying to see all the objects on the outliner tab but it’s only showing cameras i have, it looks like it’s filtered to only show cameras, they all look green.
But i don’t now how to change that
Thank youssssss

Hello! Drag the Outliner left edge to the side to expand it and reveal the search field. Ease whatever is there. I think you have a search filter on, that’s why the items are highlighted in green. :wink:

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thank you so much !
now i’m embarassed because it was such a dumb question:D

No problem, we all did something like this once when getting used to the interface. You had to see the brain freezes I suffered in the past! :joy:

At the risk of intruding… is there a specific reason to still use the 2.79? I ask because you seem in a good spot to make the jump to 2.8+. When they first released the 2.8 I was mad for months. Where were all my hotkeys, my panels, why was the interface so clean but full of things I didn’t use?! I hate pie menus! Everything was out of place and I was annoyed at having to re-learn the UI, but they kept improving it and now it’s so tweakable I almost done with the 2.79. The only reason I still keep it around is for addon compatibility issues.

Thing is, once the old interface get inrgained into your workflow there’s a small learning curve when going from 2.79 to 2.8, so it’s a good idea to switch if you don’t have a strong reason to stick with the old version. It’s not just features like Eevee, the performance improvements are so worth it!

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Actually I’ve started my blender journey with 2.8 so i’m kinda new
I need to take freestyle svg exports and 2.8 doesn’t fully support it,
going from .8 to .79 is making me lose my mind!
I’m can’t even do the simplest things! :smiley: It’s so hard to stay focused :tired_face:

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