can't see settings for materials? 2.62

Hi everyone, Blender noob here – long time Softimage user. I was testing the Cycles renderer(which is great, BTW) but something is perplexing about certain settings in Blender.

When I add a material, this is all I see. There are no settings for specularity, SSS, etc.

Same thing for the world settings. There’s no environment button like I see in tutorials.

Am i doing something wrong, or maybe I have the wrong build?

There is no SSS currently in cycles. It does not also use specularity, see here for the different surface shaders
You may have been watching tutorials that used blender internal renderer, not cycles?
You need to watch tutorials for cycles. There are some ay

If you’re trying to use the Blender internal render and not Cycles, you can change the render there :

So this is just because its an early implementation, right? It won’t be of much use if you can’t design surfaces.

Cycles is a work in progress, there are lot of functions that are currently on the todo list :