Can't see the brush/cursor while drawing in grease pencil

AS you can see, I cant see the cursor while drawing using grease pencil.

What am I missing?

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It looks like intended behavior.
The Show Brush option does not seem to work like in paint modes of a mesh.
Maybe it was a request of artists from GP team.
But it does not seem to exist a special option for Grease Pencil.

Going to open a new thread on Blender 2.8 showing this issue. There should be an option to keep the cursor while drawing (like every other drawing software). Maybe it really was a request from the GP team, but I think that’s because they use drawing “displays”, like a cintiq. But for the people like me, who uses a tablet like intuos pro, not having the cursor while drawing is a pain. I guess there is a lot of people who use drawing tablets and not displays.


Yes, that’s exactly right. I think the designers of Grease Pencil mainly use Cintique-style tablets, not old-fashioned styli.

The issue has already been discussed and there are some changes on the way. The idea is to add a global toggle in Preferences to either always hide it or always show it - either can be useful depending on the input device.

This will apply to all paint modes, not just Grease Pencil.


Thanks a lot! Hope they really add it!

Indeed for standard (not exactly old-fashioned) pen tablets rather than pen displays, it’s useful to have the mouse arrow displayed when painting.

I will point out that it is worth (if not crucially important) having the choice of selecting either the “rendered” brush outline or the system cursor (i.e. “mouse arrow”), reason being that generally the system cursor gets rendered earlier and gives a more direct feel to the painting/drawing experience when visible. This is apparent in more traditional raster painting programs like Krita.

David Revoy noted this as well in a blog post some time ago:

[…] Also, Cursors Shape are more performant in Krita than Outline Shapes , they often give you a better feedback of your real position while Outline Shape always have a latency to be traced. You can see how the outline lags behind the cursor in the tiny animation here under. Cursor Shape is always realtime while the Outline Shape is lagging behind. This low latency is decisive when you sketch, do crosshatching or when you draw quickly little details. Preview Outline always have a couple of milliseconds late… It’s often good enough while painting with large brushes but a no-go as soon as you start adding thin detailing or doing lines. That’s one of my little secret to have better precision and accuracy and sharing it was the goal of this tutorial :wink: