can't see the window type button!

'hello everybody!

i’m new to Blender and i’d like to get started with it.
i installed Blender 2.57 on Windows 7and i can’t see the button in the header of panels to change the window type! (see the attached pic)

how do i activate it?


Try running blender as an administrator

hello, Richard!

thank you for answering so soon!
i tried that but it didn’t solve the problem.

Try holding down the Ctrl on the keyboard and pressing the left arrow ( in between the number pad and keyboard) This should cycle Blender thru the different scenes, compositing, animation, uv edit, and so on. Look for the default scene.

i could change scenes, but all of them had the same problem

then i downloaded version 2.58 (standalone for 64-bit) and it is solved!!

thank you all!

kind regards