Cant seem to get SSS working in EEVEE

I have enabled SSS in the render tab, but there seems to be missing the checkbox to enable SSS in the material settings. is there something I am missing here? every video i have seen of people using SSS in EVEE has that little check box, but I am only afforded check boxes for screen space refraction and subsurface translucency. None of which will enable that sweet buttery SSS. I have tried updating my graphics driver but still I am met with a disappointing black cube. Is this feature only supported by newer hardware? my computer IS 11 years old, But every other feature works. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the reply! unfortunately my problem persists. I have SSS enabled in the render tab, I am using the principled BSDF, but all diffuse shading becomes flat black after I give SSS a value above zero in the materials tab.

Probably your graphics card is buggy or is an old intel processor with a HD3000 graphics and old drivers. Start telling us what graphics card you have.

It is a AMD (ATI) FirePro M5950 Mobility Pro card.

WHOA!!!.. a terascale 2 part!!.. If you have an HP notebook you may want to contact @hypersomniac directly and try some workaround to your problem (if possible, card is discontinued, support ended in 2014 for HP if you are using windows). (Drivers on these notebooks are buggy but AMD can’t really do anything about it). If you have a DELL notebook the drivers on their page are far too old, you would need to download the legacy drivers from AMD (from 2016) and try again (be warned, likely you will lose suspend on DELL notebooks with the AMD driver). I don’t know of any other manufacturer that issued your model on notebooks.

Darn, I am using a Dell notebook and I already have the latest driver for my card. I guess I am SOL. HOWEVER, I have been wanting to upgrade the card to a nvidia quadro 2000m, could this possibly solve the issue? the driver for this card does appear to be fairly recent.

First things first, try your scene on someone elses computer with a proper video card (=P).

If it works on theirs and not yours (with no modification) you know it’s the video card/drivers causing the problem.

Don’t want to give false hope, but eevee sss was broken with a bunch of black blocky artifacting on my amd 560x MacBook Pro gpu for quite some time, but finally started working in nightly builds about a week ago.

Devs are definitely working at improving eevee on various system configurations, so perhaps they might resolve your particular issue as 2.8 isn’t even to beta stage yet. Fingers crossed.

Yup, don’t lose hope, that card should be able to work with EEVEE since is a opengl 4.1 part, but the problem there are the drivers… As i said before, try to reach @hypersomniac or wait for the beta, the bug tracker should be open at the same time and maybe devs can help you better.

Other way could be try to run linux (mint or ubuntu recommended) on that machine, most Dell machines are well supported and is a safe bet that your card will work in it.

i5 3570k w/ Radeon HD7770 (computer is from 2012), Blender version is 2.80.74 and I am getting BLACK when turning up subsurface scattering to anything above 0. There is no checkbox like in the video above using version 2.80.30. Just posting here to add some input and maybe get an answer. @3dByDesign Any luck fixing the subsurface scattering? I am going to try a newer version of 2.8 and see what happens. FWIW, it worked for me in a 2.8 build from a year ago, just doesn’t work in the newer builds I guess.

I accidentally got it to work by turning on screen space reflections in the render tab while using the principled shader. All I can suggest if this doesn’t work is making sure your graphics drivers are up to date. it looks like AMD has fairly new drivers for your card so try updating them if you haven’t already.

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