Can't Seem to Properly set origin point

Green Jeep.blend (1.77 MB)Green Jeep.blend (1.77 MB)

I’ve been told to set origin point to the center of a wheel but it is not working for me. I also see an option to set origin point to center of mass but that doesn’t seem to work. The wheel just keeps wobbling.

Try selecting the wheel and set the origin to the geometry. Granted this will only work if each wheel is its own object.

Before you do anything else, your wheels each have three subsurf modifiers. There is no reason to do that, and it’s slowing the viewport to a crawl. Remove two of those.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way… The method that gives you the most control over the placement of the origin point is to snap the 3d cursor to the location where you want it. Go into edit mode and select some edge loops that define the full radius and width of the wheel. I just selected the two around the outside of the tire. Shift-S>Curor to Selection, then pop back into object mode and set Origin>3D Cursor.

As a general good practice that can help prevent odd problems, you also probably should have applied the rotations and scales on those wheels before you did all this keyframing. Indeed you may want to start from scratch on the animation part once you’ve got these origins fixed. Ctrl-A>Apply Rotations and Scales in Object Mode on each wheel before proceeding if you do decide to re-do the keyframing.

Thank you, I really appreciate the help. But I can see now that there is a design flaw in the wheel. I’m going to need to make new ones but deleting the subsurface modifiers really sped thing up.